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Welcome to our Outdoor Living Blog!

Hi there! And welcome to our brand new and very own Outdoor Living Blog!

We are so excited to have you here and sincerely hope that you find this unique space enjoyable and valuable.

We had been haunting the idea of a blog for a few years now, and finally here we are - giving a voice to our brand, our values, our vision!

With the launch of our blog, we intend to truly connect with you, our clients, readers, followers, and beyond. As a small business, we easily could focus all of our efforts on the administrative and manufacturing side of our business, meaning we would produce and make sales, and know nothing more of our customers once they walk out the door. But we are not about that, you see, we care. We are truly passionate about what we do and our message. And we care about those who share that passion. And so, we get to know our people and more often than not, we become friends with our clients. We love that trust and bond and hope to expand it and to create a sense of community.

So who are we? Such a big question!

Soon we will be sharing our story and more about our team in the blog so stay tuned, you’ll be surprised of how we started and all we’ve been through!

But for now, we want to share with you who we are as a brand today and what we represent.

We hand make wrought iron furniture, that’s clear- but that’s not who we are, that’s what we do!

We create our product as a result of who we are, and in our hearts, we are artists with a deep passion for the outdoors. Yes, we mean the great outdoors: nature. And we have made it our mission to combine our passions and provide practical art for a high end experience in a casual outdoor environment, which for most of people, is patio living.

So in this space you will find practical info, resources, stories, suggestions, and more for what we believe is the recipe for an enhanced quality living: staying active, going outside, creating a beautiful home for yourself, taking care of you and your loved ones, enjoying the little things, being close to nature, and breathing the fresh air!

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Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again soon!

Unique Patio


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