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Our Spring Season Tips

Hi, friends!

We find ourselves in the middle of Spring time!

What a beautiful time to grow in all aspects and forms.

Spring is when nature uses all that stored winter energy to burst forth and become more active. As the birds outside become more social, so should you. As sprouts break through barriers, so should you.

Spring is our favorite season at Unique Patio, no surprise! It is an optimal time for outdoor living and patio furniture sales, so we really have to stay sharp as a team and individually.

In order to make the most out of this period and be our most efficient and productive selves, we want to share with you a short guide we like to follow to make sure we are harnessing our Spring energy and allowing our full potential to flourish and blossom.

So here are our Spring time tips for you!

Food Cleanse

Spring is a time for expanding energy, not storing. Winter is over, folks! and so those slow cooked heavy winter meals, sugar heavy treats and caffeine should be replaced with fresh ingredients. Try a detox! Change your diet for a few days to rid your body of all those stored toxins that occur naturally in the body plus the many that are passed through the environment and the foods we eat. We Spring clean our homes, so why not our bodies? Processed foods, little to no exercise, and stress can slow the body’s natural detox function and make you tired and prone to illness. Sticking to a seasonal plant-based diet will really lighten you up and give you a fresh start. You would be amazed at what you can accomplish in three days!

Take it Outside

The sun is staying out longer! So wake up earlier and play outside, the morning light will give you a good dose of vitamin D, and with the nice weather you can take a walk and enjoy the fresh air, garden your plants, and even part of your morning routine can be taken outside, like breakfast, coffee, stretching, reading the paper, etc. Even if you are not your best self when you wake up, just try it out and see what happens. Being outside first thing in the morning can make you feel accomplished and lead to a more proactive rest of the day.

Move your Body

We said it already, but we'll say it again: Spring time is about expanding energy, not storing. So celebrate the newness and potential of the season as you emerge from your own hibernation. Get moving! I personally like to literally shake all my body to get the blood going and then take a swim to freshen up and wake the muscles, but any activity works as long as you’re moving! Physical activity has been proven to boost your energy and happiness in general. Many senior centers and sport clubs offer classes for aerobics, yoga, and swimming.

Prevent Allergies

Spring cleaning? focus on in your home where allergens tend to accumulate - air filters, bedding, upholstered furniture, and carpeting. Vacuum often during this months. Also, protect your patio furniture with covers when from all the pollen moving around. When making plans to spend time outside, remember that hot and dry days will have more pollen in the environment than cold rainy days, and peak times are in the morning! Also, if you are really prone to seasonal allergies- try acupuncture! Studies have found significant reduction of allergy symptoms for participants who received acupuncture treatments.


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